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Where for over 2 decades, we've been your one-stop source for Superior custom and rebuilt, Precision Balanced drivelines, and drive shafts. And we are proud to carry ONLY, AMERICAN made components for all our domestic applications! We Will Never Compromise Quality for Profit!
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At Drivelines you can expect...

A crew that truly appreciates your business and understands that your job, and your job alone, is the most important.

We are committed to our service and even though our hours are 8-4:30pm, Monday-Friday, we work longer to get your job completed and returned quickly. Drivelines Inc. is an experienced driveline shop that keeps full attention on drivelines; this is all we do. Our focus is on building you the highest quality driveline available. We have built our business on a solid foundation of consistent quality, honesty and service. We offer the best built drivelines with our top-of- the-line balancer, lathe, and work stations. We stock a full inventory of quality, and only quality, parts…no knock off parts that we could make better profits on but compromise the long term life of your driveshaft and our integrity.

Our full inventory assures you of no "parts delay" problems. Driveshafts are picked up, built professionally, and returned efficiently.

We are committed to quality, honesty, and service.....

Every job, every day!

We will build any driveline for any vehicle, anywhere......

However, we don't recommend it!

We suggest you use a local driveline shop. There should be a professional driveline shop in your area. This way, if a problem develops, your vehicle will not be down for days waiting for the driveline to be inspected, repaired, and returned to you. In addition, you will have a place to take your vehicle to help troubleshoot the cause.

Most premature failures are due to overlooked worn parts that the driveline attaches to and angle or length problems.....all of which can not be found by inspecting the driveline only!

In the Orange County, CA area, we are the #1 source for your driveline needs. If you are located within Orange County, we will gladly come to you to professionally measure your vehicle and fabricate the exact driveline to fit your application.

Feel free to call and ask any questions.

We are here to help assure that you have a smooth ride!

Our drivelines work at peak performance for various conditions, such as racing, off-road and street use.

We also have applications for custom designs.

And we can build one for you too!
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